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Leveraging Xiao Mi Smart Hub For Your HDB Smart Home – Build Smart Home SG

Leveraging Xiao Mi Smart Hub For Your HDB Smart Home

Leveraging Xiao Mi Smart Hub For Your HDB Smart Home

Home automation is all the rage nowadays. While there are many reasons you should get started with home automation, one concern is always on peoples’ minds – price. Does smart home automation always have to be so expensive?

Today we bust the myth of smart homes being expensive, and show you how YOU can automate your HDB home on a shoe string budget.

Here are 5 devices you can get to build your very first smart HDB home.


1. Mi Smart Home Kit

First up, you would need to get a hub to act as “the brain” for your home automation magic. We recommend getting the Mi Smart Home Kit. The Mi Smart Home Kit runs on Zigbee, one of the 2 technologies used in home automation devices.

Other brands also have their own smart home hubs such as Samsung Smart Things, Logitech Harmony Hub and the Wink Hub. However, Xiao Mi streaks ahead of the pack on the basis of price. The price of a Mi Home Kit can go as low as S$99 SGD, while other smart home hubs are in the range of S$200 and up.

With the hub, you can now connect your Xiao Mi devices in one place – your smart phone.

Download the Mi Home android or iphone app and get started.

DISCLAIMER: Xiao Mi has some issues with opening up their servers to outside of mainland China. For us to get the Mi Home Hub Automation to work properly, be sure to select “Mainland China” when choosing a country!


2. Mi Sensors

Once your home hub is installed, now it is time to add in the Mi sensors and buttons.

Sensors help you detect when doors / windows are opened or closed, and whether there is movement in a room. These can then be linked up to trigger off other actions.

Common use cases include:

  • Turning on the night light between 12am to 6am if there is movement
  • Triggering the alarm if the window is opened between 1am and 6am
  • Triggering a push notification whenever your door is opened between 10am to 6pm (work time)
  • and many more!

Your Mi Security Home Kit already comes with a motion sensor and a door / window sensor. Think carefully where you would like to use this and get it installed.

Installation is as easy as peeling off the double sided tape and sticking it on.


3. Mi Buttons

Another useful device to have is the Mi button. This button can be used to trigger almost everything in the Mi Home Automation universe.

It comes with 3 default settings, one click, double click, and long press.

Common use cases include:

  • Turning on the TV on a long press
  • Turning on the night light with a double click
  • Turning on the aircon with a single click
  • and many more!

Again, we would recommend you installing the button somewhere convenient, like your bedside pedestal or your work table. It really depends on your use case for this.


And that concludes part 1 of 2 of our Xiao Mi smart home automation guide! Stay tuned for part 2 to complete your HDB smart home automation with Xiao Mi!

We will be talking about IR remotes, smart cameras, and more!