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5 Reasons To Get Started With Your First Smart Home – Build Smart Home SG

5 Reasons To Get Started With Your First Smart Home

5 Reasons To Get Started With Your First Smart Home

A lot has been spoken about smart homes, There was a time where terms such as Alexa, Google Voice commands, Phillips Hue, etc. were words spoken by the rich. All of these are known to contribute to smarter homes.

With time, things have changed drastically, and over the past year, there are more and more people wanting to convert their homes into smart ones.

Why not make your house a smart one? With almost everything being remote controlled and customised according to your choice, these smart systems ensure that your house is safe, secure and well-monitored.

The increasing demand for such devices and its installation has multiple benefits that come along. While you too may have heard of such concepts, here are 5 reasons why you should.


1. It has never been cheaper

When you consider using traditional methods for home security such as affixing multiple locks to the different doors, keeping keys under the doormats, the solutions for smart homes of the future makes things cheaper for you. When you compare both their costs, the latter is clearly a cheaper option. These installations one-time with no further interventions needed.

With a smart locking system, you can control access to your house EVEN when you aren’t around.

With a simple tap on your smartphone, you know who is at your premises and what they are doing. Instead of installing multiple CCTV cameras and not being able to take immediate actions when troubles arise, you can now use your smart devices to stop the intruder in their tracks.


2. It saves you electricity bills

When you have thermostats installed and connected to your HVAC systems, you get to control the temperature of the device depending on the number of people there are in the room. This can be taken care of and controlled from your smartphone as well.

Smart plugs and thermostats like Nest allow you to consume less energy that is slashed by 20% compared to using conventional devices. Installing and using smart lighting solutions, smart dishwashers and washing machines together saves you a considerable amount of energy.

Even though these smart devices seem like an expensive investment, it is something that helps in the long run.


3. It makes your home more secure

When there are smart locks as well as video capturing systems for your doors, you know that your house is secured. Even when you aren’t around the house, you receive alarms on your phone about the presence of someone at your door.

You get to control who comes in and what purpose they are there for. If you find anything suspicious, you can always take actions in no time which isn’t something available for CCTV cameras.

These cameras no doubt help with live streaming of the video footage, you aren’t made aware of anyone’s presence or when there is any sort of vandalism at your premises with the help of motion detection.


4. It makes life SO convenient

When you own smart homes, things are convenient for both you and everyone else at home.

With the ability to control almost all actions remotely, you have a convenient life to lead.

Control temperatures or devices from your smart phone has never been easier. The same goes for making errands such grocery restocking or calling a Grab. While you have been doing all of this manually, life can be automated with voice commands to your Google Assistant or Alexa.

Smart assistants can also help you schedule meetings to free your time up for other things. The possibilities are endless.


5. It is less difficult than you think

With more and more people becoming self-dependant these days, manufacturers for smart home features are known to come up with things that are user-friendly.

You do not always need trained technicians to help when it comes to installing these devices at home. Products always come with instruction manuals, and devices are SO SIMPLE that anyone and everyone can install and use them by following the instructions.


Getting your hands on the right smart home ideas is what is required when you intend to join the league of turning your house into a smart home. Asking for the right help from the Internet or probably asking an expert who can help out with the right solutions can give you long-term benefits rather than being duped by pushy salesmen and convincing you into buying something that doesn’t help in any manner.